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Mariachi Rock Revolution Comes to Downey

The Downey Theatre's 2022-23 season continues February 10, when the Mariachi Rock Revolution dazzles and delights Downey with their own unique take on the art form.

A spectacle of sight and sound, Mariachi Rock Revolution features a metal-fueled and mariachi-infused combo of traditional mariachi and modern rock and electronica.

Song selections include "metallized" mariachi standards plus covers of well-known metal/rock hits, woven together into a show rife with dark imagery, Mexican folklore, and stunning lighting and visual effects.

Created by Austin, Texas Latinx rocker/electric violinist Haydn Vitera, the 8-member band plays both traditional mariachi instruments, such as the trumpet and vihuela, and more modern instruments, such as the electric violin, delivered in the context of a modern metal band.

The group eschews traditional mariachi attire-the traje de charo-and decorate their faces in traditional Mexican sugar skull face paint, adding to their intense and dramatic performance.

Mariachi Rock Revolution perform sold-out shows; recently they've collaborated with rock violinists and vocalists on a signature version of Ozzy Osborn and Lita Ford's "Close My Eyes Forever."

Tickets are $55.00 and are on sale now at the Theatre box office (562) 861-8211 or

For over 50-years, the Downey Theatre has presented a wide variety of live theatre, dance and music to area residents, hosted hundreds of community and corporate events, and impacted thousands of students by providing a space to perform and engage in the arts and participate in youth volunteer programs. The Theatre is an integral part of the dynamic, culturally diverse, and economically progressive community that is Downey today.

The Downey Theatre is in compliance with all national, state and local guidelines re: Covid-19 restrictions, recommendations, and protocol for indoor events.


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